I did it. I succeded.
It’s not easy to describe my happiness, my feelings, my joy, but I’m so proud of myself. I cannot really realize at this moment but I did it.
I found a job. I found a job in my favourite city, in my second home-country. I went away from Italy. I had the opportunity.
I changed my life. I followed my dreams and I’m making them coming true. I changed my life because I wanted so much. I made choices, even if they were difficult.

I’m almost speechless, my smile talks in my place.

I think I will update my blog in english from now, just to improve myself and to be in contact with english-speaking-people as well. I will blog about my experience here, my recipes, my life, my thoughts as I did untill now. Probably I will write something in italian, something in dutch. I have a lot of things to do, do discover, to see, to feel.

I’m happy. That’s the best thing.tumblr_mdv0nm8ltA1r2bljmo1_1280_large_edited-1 copy



3 thoughts on “Amsterdam.

  1. Congrats on it all! Now, You live closer to me in Belgium! 🙂 Well done! I thought you were going on a holiday there but I was wrong! 🙂
    What kind of a job? x

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