Leek, raisins and nuts cake. Simple, vegan and delicious.

Yummy! This cake is sooo simple to make and sooo delicious to eat as aperitif or for a lunch-break.
It took me one hour to do the dough and prepare the filling both, so easy and fast, even if you have no spare time to cook and bake something home made on your self. But I take my time to cook. Always. Because I want to eat well.
Let’s move back to our cake.
A leek cake. A leek, raisins and nuts cake. Mmmmh. Fancy having a slice of it? 😉

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Leek, raisins and nuts cake
For the dough:
300gr (wholewheat) flour
5 table spoons of oil
pepper and thyme

For the filling:
one big leek or two small
a handfull of raisins
a handfull of pecans, almonds, nuts (royale mix)
fresh herbs (oregano,thyme,basilicum,parsley…)

Prepare the dough mixing the flour with the oil, herbs and water untill you get a stiff pastry. Let it rest for half an hour covered at room temperature. In the meantime prepare the filling by washing and chopping the leek, sautè it in a pan and spice it up with fresh herbs. Add raisins and grinded nuts to the leek and mix all toghether. Roll out the dough in a round shape, fill a baking tin with it, spread the filling on and cover with another layer of dough. Riddle the surface with a fork and bake in the oven for 1 hour at 180°C. Serve it at room temperature.

Bon appetit!

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