Raw carrot spice spread.

House-moving. Working. Settling. Hard times, baby!
And moreover, we haven’t got any cooker and any oven in our new house.
I’m craving for a oven! I’m craving for preparing my delicious cakes and biscuits on my own!

So, my dear followers, we have to manage eating without cooking in some ways and I seized the opportunity to try raw eating.
I prepared this raw spread with carrots, celery and other tasty ingredients… Well, this is so healthy and good tasting! Have a try! Also, is so delightfully orange! And you probably know that orange is the Nederlandse national color 😉 Just preparing for Koninginnendag!

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Raw carrot spiced spread
Ingredients: (x 1 large pot)
1 big carrot (winterwortel in Holland)
2 ribs of celery
3 tablespoons of poppy seeds
1 tablespoon of sesame seeds
1 tablespoon of “Zaanse” mostard
3 vinegar and spices flavoured onions (Amsterdamse uien)

Wash and peel the carrot and chop it. Do the same process with the celery ribs.
Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them, I used my new food processor and it worked so well!
Add more mostard if you want to adjust the consistence of the spread.
Put in a pot and keep in fridge.


2 thoughts on “Raw carrot spice spread.

    • I know it’s not easy but we survive thanks to a full fridge and shops 😀
      Try this and let me know, I suggest to add oil or something like rice milk to melt all the ingredients in a better way 😉

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