Versatile Blogger Award… yeah!

Another award, another achivement thanks to my little blog which I create for having fun and for sharing my cooking and my life facts. I’m so proud of myself! But I have to thank all of you, my tireless followers 🙂
I received this award from Alessandra (links here to her delicious blog ), who I cannot stop thanking for that, and now I have to list seven facts you don’t know about me and spread the award to other fifteen blogs with less then 200 followers.
Let’s do it! 😉


Seven unknown facts about eightdaysweek:

1) I’m graduated in psychology (…and in this moment I’m reading your mind while you are reading my blog!:D)
2) I have a very very very strange name and I bet you won’t guess even if you try thousand times. (That’s a challenge!)
3) I started cooking cakes and biscuits when I was like 10 or 12 years old, I looked at my mother cooking like you gaze at your favourite movie star. Now I take her part and we enjoy preparing all of our dishes, salted or sweeted 😉
4) I love the nordic languages like german, scandinavian, dutch and english and I would love to learn how to speak german in a correct way. Keep on dreaming
5) I watched the whole marathon of LOTR (almost 9/10 hours) three times in my life and the last time was so memorable… While Tarantino remains my favourite director. I love him!
6) I’m happy and single. Yes. Single. Easy.
7) I love dogs. I grew up with my dobermann-dog from 9 to 18 years old, he was my best four-legs-friend. I missed him so much!

And finally 15 bloggers, with less then 200 followers, who deserve a lot:


16 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award… yeah!

  1. Dear Eightdaysweek

    What a beautiful name you have chosen for your blog, and for your nick!
    I love the song, and I love the lyrics of this song!
    Thank you very much indeed for your words and for the recommendation in your blog! I am really grateful!
    Muchas gracias !!!!
    I share also your life philosophy: bikes * recycling* love food! Completely agree with you!
    Take care!

  2. Thank you very much for supporting my blog! I will do my best to come up with more interesting things to share. On another note, I am also interested in learning German (and Dutch) since my husband speaks both and I would love for our baby to learn a second language. So far, I’ve learned a couple of children’s songs in Dutch and know how to say useful German phrases like “would you like an espresso?” (wilst du ein espresso?) or “the cat threw up” (die katz het gekotszt). 😀

    • First of all, you’re welcome! 🙂
      It sounds so nice that both of us like german and dutch and I know some children-lullabies in dutch as well 😉 (I keep on singing at my baby-nephew nowadays!) I can count and say basic sentences in german, but I want to improve, as my dutch will improve normally as I live in Holland now!
      Even nicer is the fact that you and your husband are going to teach your child another language since the childhood, it’s very important and useful. (I know because I had the same experience!)
      Kisses and hugs

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