Tonight we make pizza.

Italian homemade pizza in Holland. That’s a dream coming true! 😉
Some days ago I was in the supermarket with my mother and we suddently decided to prepare pizza for dinner: I catched up the chance and put myself in the challenge to make pizza for the first time! Such an amazing success!DSC00493

Homemade pizza
Ingredients: (x 1 large tin)
500gr flour
25gr fresh brewer’s yeast
1 pinch of salt
3 tablespoons of olive oil
water at room temperature

Dressing: (you can choose what you like)
tomato puree
mozzarella-cheese chopped
black olives
onions (chopped and marinated with oil and black pepper)
ham or chorizo
sauted vegetables (spinach, artichokes, peppers, leeks…)

Mix the flour with salt and oil in a bowl.
Melt the fresh yeast with warm water in a glass, it will liquefy. Add it to the flour.
Knead the dough on a working-plan and add water to get a smooth and uniform consistence.
Let it rise covered in a bowl for at least 2 hours on a warm place, far from drafts.
Roll out the dough in a rectangular shape (or round shapes for single pizzas) and put it in a tin, previously oiled. Let it rise again for half an hour covered.
Dress up your pizza as you like: with tomato puree, mozzarella-cheese, vegetables, ham, mushrooms, onions, or just with spices like rosemary or fresh basil on tomato-puree.
Bake the pizza in (previously warmed up) oven at 200°C for 15 or 20 minutes or ’till is nice cooked, it depends on the oven sometimes.
Cut it in pieces and enjoy every single bite!
Pssss: …the day after will be even nicer! 😉

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How to recycle Easter-eggs chocolate: make muffins!

This year I had a tons of chocolate from Easter-eggs to recycle, a huge box full of dark, milk and mixed chocolate to re-use in a creative way. So I make those simple and delicious muffins to eat with a glass of orange juice or a coffee for breakfast in the morning.
Simply love ’em! 😉DSC00334

Chocolate muffins
Ingredients: (x 8)
350gr flour
one cup of soy milk
chocolate from Easter eggs
60gr brown sugar
three tablespoons of olive oil
grated peel of an orange
15gr of baking powder

Mix the sugar with soy milk, oil and grated peel of the orange.
Add the flour, cinnamon and baking powder little by little, mix ’till the dough is smooth and uniform. Add at the end pieces of chocolate from your un-eaten Easter eggs and mix.
Put the dough in muffin moulds and bake for 25 minutes at 180°C.
Serve cold or warm ’em up the next morning in the oven.

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Life, meanwhile. In photographs.

I’ve been posting only about cooking and baking in the latest time, but I experienced (and still do 😉 ) my new dutch life in the meanwhile: sightseeing, museum, shops and other stimulating stuff I love.
Yesterday I was at the re-opening celebration of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, it was amazing: queen Beatrix, tons of people, marching bands and the incredible museum just restored. I share some pictures with you!DSC00383

Just an amazing day!

Parmesan, black pepper and curcuma plumcake bread.

The recipe of this plumcake bread was transmitted to me by a very special person, we made this bread toghether for the first time in Easter time, because it is similar to a local italian easter-recipe, and I absolutely adore it! Perfect served with salami, hummus or pesto sause as aperitif, you’ll enjoy every single bite 😉

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Parmesan, black pepper and curcuma plumcake bread
Ingredients: (for a loaf)
300gr flour
half cup of oil
(one cup of yogurt)
one cup of grated parmesan cheese
black pepper
one pinch of curcuma
10gr dry yeast

Mix the flour with black pepper, dry yeast and a pinch of curcuma.
Add grated parmesan cheese and incorporate oil (and yogurt, if you like) little by little.
Add water and mix untill the dough is smooth and uniform.
Bake at 180°C for 45 minutes.
Let it cool down and serve cold.

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Pistachio nuts and basil pesto.

I utterly love pesto. Every kind of it.
Radicchio, spinach, rucola, basil, kale, lemon and nuts… just spread on a slice of bread and enjoy every bite of it!
Today I prepared this pistachio nuts and basil pesto which is absolutely stunning. Yes, stunning, because delicious isn’t enough to describe it! 🙂
Pistachio nuts and basil pesto
1 large bowl full of fresh basil leaves
80gr pistachio nuts
3 tablespoons of grated parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Wash and dry basil leaves very accurately.
Shell pistachio nuts and put them in the bowl with basil and the rest of ingredients.
Mix all of them with a processor ’till the desired consistency.Put the pesto in a jar and cover with olive oil. Store in fridge.

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A special cake.

Easter holidays were so memorable for me and my family: we had a very great time all toghether and there was a special celebration for my baby-nephew baptism-feast. (I don’t believe in Christian religion no more, but I have respect for everyone, so I attended the ceremony anyway.) For the occasion we prepared a huge cake for 40 people like the ones you see on tv (… Cake BossBuddy Valastro and Choccywoccydoodah, you know? 😉 ) and I was asked to run wild with my imagination and decorate it. What a pleasant challenge! I do love creativity! So, with pink and white fondants, here it is what my imagination gave birth…


I was working with my brother and my sister in law from five o’clock to nine o’clock in the evening, my black trousers turned white but I absolute enjoyed every minute of my job!
These are my hand made roses…310313-1914(002)I always say: “If I didn’t study psychology, I would become a pastry-chef!” But I keep on working and dreaming on my greatest passion! I love baking and creating! 🙂
That’s the final result…
891620_10201010521735097_363568801_oEveryone was so astonished and glad about the aspect, but even about the extremely delicious, while fatty, taste! We were so proud of our piece of art! 🙂