I’m not dissappeared.

Sorry for not posting.
I’m getting mad about it, but I have to work a lot in this period and it’s summer time too. I could not resist to a day off to the beach, a dinner out or a beer with friends in this amazing city. I love Amsterdam.
I love the crowded streets in the daytime, where you can listen to almost ten different languages in the same time.  I love the canals, I love the tiny little leaning houses on them. I love the kids inside the bicycle baskets and the smile on their faces. I love the parks, the green spots, the benches all around, where you can sit and stare at the multicultural combination of this city. But the best comes at night… Amsterdam is so amazing after the beautiful rose and red sunset. Dam square is magical with the Royal Palace and the Oude Kerk enriched by yellow lights, Rokin and Muntplein are my favourite with the lights reflected in the canal. I love passing by all this beauties sitting on the back of a bike, while speaking to my friend riding it. It’s an emotion I cannot describe, I just close my mouth, gaze with my eyes and fill my heart.


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