Have you ever been to…

I did last month and I spent a very goooood time. And I wasn’t alone, so even better 🙂
Amazing chocolate (and waffels), beautiful city and views, french look a like buildings and streets and a lot of shops (nice for windows-shopping :P). I just enjoyed my 3 days spent there and I took a lot of pictures, some of them are too nice not to show you, my friends.
And I also got familiar with AirBNB website, which seems a good solution to stay in an other city and a nice alternative to hotels and bed and breakfast! I found an accomodation in the city centre (2 minutes from Manneke Pis) for a quite ridiculous price, while all the hotels and rooms were full for a convention in the Brussel’s expo.
And guess what?! I spent also a half day in Antwerp, which is a little bit more commercial and has a huge shop street, but I didn’t have time to visit the old part, maybe next time!
Ooooh… I just love travelling! And I love sharing my journeys with a lovely company! 😉

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