Homemade stuffed pasta.

The other day I had so much energy, which I concentrated in making something nice and appetizing. Something really yummie!! The table was so inviting at dinner time… guess why? Just scroll down to see the result of this easy peasy recipe! With my dose of ingredients you will get around 20 tortelli, I stuffed the pasta with a filling based on vegetables, but feel free to stuff it with meat, other veggies or what you like most.


Homemade stuffed pasta
250gr corn flour
curcuma powder

For the filling:
200gr spinach
one onion
half of a courgette

Mix the flour with a generous pinch of curcuma and salt till it gets a yellowish colour. Add an egg if you are not vegan and mix with the help of your hands. Add a little bit of water and knead till you get a nice and compact dough. Let it stay in the fridge for half an hour while you prepare the filling. Set the chopped veggies into a baking tin, cover with your favourite herbs and grill in the oven till they get smashed. Reduce in cream with a mixer. Roll out the dough, cut it in circles, just use a glas or a cutler, and stuff each one with the filling prepared. Be aware not to put too much filling into! Close the pasta by glueing one side to the other with some water and shape it in a tortellino. Let the pasta stay for a while. Cook in boiling water for 5 minutes and season with fresh chives and raw olive oil.

Enjoy your meal!



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