Interstellar (spoilers follow!)

I just came back from the cinema after watching “Interstellar” and I am still impressed! Do you know the feeling after you watched a very good movie, you walk out the sale and you keep on having the main frames running in your head with the music in the background? That’s me! Christopher Nolan, and I do not want to talk by prejudices, did it again. Amazing images, an increasing plot and philosophy, yet misterious and far from our everyday routines. And the musics, thanks Hans Zimmer! NASA pilot Cooper (M. McConaughey) with dr. Brand (A. Hataway) and fellows is asked to go on a mission to discover if life is possible on another galaxy, where planets and stars are creating another far universe from the life they will leave behind. They will be more than 50 Earth-years in their space basis, try to score whether plan A or B to evolve on the new planet. Love, rage, fear, loneliness, sadness… all the emotions, which not pertain to robots, will arise in the quite sky above, where time is another dimension. I loved the scene when Cooper passes the ipod with nature sounds to his companion, there, up in the silence of their shuttle. And then, when the team is near their goal, the mankind cruelty and selfishness come out, even on the other galaxy. This world is not going to be eternal but… Are we really sure we do have to conquer another planet? Or maybe we can work on saving this one? And be kind to each other? Can’t we stay on this Earth, as Murphy, Cooper’s daughter, tells his father before the mission? But then love, unquantifiable love, suppressed love will save us all. An amazing film. Three hours of pure beauty and adventure, where time just becomes a forth dimension, but where feelings and human bonds keep us on the same boat.


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